Sangvinis Effvsione Interview Zine Slovacchia

Here is  ourseventh interview in 2011. Thanks to Stefano who answered the questions !!!


1. Is unable to start differently. At first, could you introduce your band, its history and band members please?

Let's start by saying the name of the band, we are Sangvinis Effvsione of Catanzaro.


The group was founded five years ago, by the will of Stefano (me) and Giuseppe, as the city is very active politically but musically without a band, so we decided to form this group to give a stronger voice in our activities in everyday policies and be able to spread our mentality also musically. The first release was in December 2008, so this is the date that establishes our birth. As for the name that we chose for the attachment to our roots. Writing in the city, was given by King Charles V, for attachment to the king and the bloody battles which saw the city of Catanzaro face against the Saracens. So ... what better than this? The band consists of Stefano (vocals), Danilo (bass), Giuseppe (guitar), Ciccio (drums) and Stefano (guitar).

2. Why did you choose the name "Sangvinis Effvsione"? It means something like "bloodshed", right? Do you want to evoke a war conflict with this name? If so what war would we envision? Have you thought about other names as well?
At the time of having to choose the name of the band we had in mind a lot, but we chose Sangvinis Effvsione for a reason.
The writing featured in the town of Catanzaro, was given by King Charles V, for attachment to the king and evokes the bloody battles that saw the city of Catanzaro face against the Saracens to defend the same city.

3. How would you describe your music? I think it could be labeled as classic Italian Oi! or skinhead rock. Do you agree? Did you take the inspiration also from another musical styles besides Oi!? Who writes the music and the lyrics?
Our music has been labeled as rough RAC/Oi!, few bands are the new generation crude oil RAC.
Our inspiration can only come from the big bands of the Italian as a Legittima Offesa, ARMCO, SPQR, Gesta Bellica, ADL 122.
The texts are written by me, but watched by the whole band, collaboration is our first rule.

4. What bands influenced you most? Did you have any musical idols to which you have wanted to draw closer? I think that Gesta Bellica represent the biggest inspiration for you. Is it right? What are your favorite songs from Gesta Bellica and why? Have you been also influenced by Massimo Morsello and his music? Were anybody from you playing in any other band before you formed Sangvinis Effvsione?
For all of us is the first musical experience, we've never played with other bands.
All great bands have helped to give something more and a touch of originality to the band.
Tell me about the Gesta Bellica, we are mainly close friends and brothers and certainly in comparison with other Italian bands, we took from them something more. The songs are all fine, I shall mention only one main "Figlia Del Vento" (Daughter Of The Wind) have revealed that it was written and talk of the town of Catanzaro.
Massimo Morsello, we are not inspired by him, because our style is very different from his, but listen to him with pleasure and love very well.

5. Please write a TOP TEN of bands and songs by each individual member of band (if it is possible).
I can only tell you about this question for us that nobody is above the other bands ....
Everyone is good and all we aspire to improve day by day, so no TOP TEN

6. Let's talk about your debut album "Siam Fatti Cosi!". It was released in 2008 only as demo, right? How responses have you got on this album? Have you been satisfied with it? Can you introduce and characterise all songs from this album individually and their meaning in english please? Do you have also more songs in your repertoire? If so introduce them too.
Our first album was released in 2008, contains 8 tracks and is self-produced.
As for the success we are very happy for a band just born and his first album has sold over 100 copies .... we say that is just fine.

It starts with "Sangvinis Effvsione", the first track, rich in content and historical references on the town of Catanzaro and an invitation to defend their land and their roots, proud of their identity. 

"Rosso Infame" (Red Infamous), the second track. A title that speaks for itself and outlining the hypocrisy of a certain narrow band now and our society ... Series: "Against you, no surrender!" 

"Divertiti Con Noi" (Have Fun With Us), a magnificent track that clearly expresses the pride of our lifestyle, including beer, comrades and a lot of music in endless fun. 

"Combatti" (Fight), clear incentive not to be approved, struggle the system, open a complaint against drugs and television, awakening the desire to fight with the knowledge that, after all, you can not give up. 

"Corruzione" (Corruption), another piece of a complaint against a reality that seems to favor cell phones, high prices, immunity, who makes the laws to their advantage. 

"I Miei Colori" (My Colors), this track is dutifully dedicated to the football team, the team that lets them in West Bend with her scarf tight around his neck, with a determination and a passion that only those who truly believe they can understand, in a complex emotions that only those colors and feelings to know that heart that only knows yellow-reds prove that heart that not even the affection of a woman totally fail to detract from a passion as great as the Catanzaro Calcio. 

"Casco Rotto" (Old Broken), track condemning the violence perpetrated by "an uniform, baton and blue helmet," a voice antagonist to figure out who is the strongest in the motto "Me Ne Frego!" (I Don't Care!)

"Alza La Testa" (Raise Your Head), the closing track against the "senseless deaths, Italian indifference, patriot deaths, corruption, mafia, prostitution, deprivation, restrictions ..." and at the same time an invitation to opt out and fight against "Italy that does not Okay "...

Like other songs we cover of Italian bands. We have quite a repertoire.

7. How many gigs have you already played in and with what bands? Have you already played outside Italy? How was your best and worst gig? I know that you played with a great bands but despite this is there any band with whom you dream to share a stage? What band, with which you have already played, had the best performance in your opinion? Do you play a covers on your gigs? If so from what bands?
Just since we were born we gave our best, doing concerts everywhere and always, just as it was to let us know. Our foreign experiences was one action in Zurich.
Best concert or worse?? Well, it goes on more and more you improve. We have made many good performance and fortunately for us a few bad.
So far we have played with all the Italian bands of large format, I would like to play only with ADL122 and Porco 69, but only because they are loose and I had no chance to play with them.

8. You played at Veneto Summer Fest in 2009 along with one czech RAC band. Could you describe this event a bit? Do you remember the performance of Czech band? If so how impressions did they leave behind? There were also some skins from Czech republic who like to travel on Italian gigs especially if any Czech band plays there too. :--) Did you meet them there?
Yes, in 2009 we were on stage at the VSF. It is a great event that takes place every year, with the participation of many Italian and foreign bands. It is a beautiful and healthy day of good Oi! music.
The Czech band .... Vlajka ... now i do not remember exactly, but I remember that was good music. Regarding the accompanist, ultimately almost all the bands have their crew, we were 25 people.

9. You are labeled as the band with political message. Have you encountered any problems with it? Do you support any organisation or you are only patriotic and RAC band? What can you tell about the Casapound Italia? Which events does this organisation shield? What can you say about the current italian politics and parties? Is there any/anybody who deserve a respect?
Our music expresses policy, the only problems I had like all the rest is that we can play anywhere, labeled as right-wing extremists.
How right you are the music of the left, so I can not say that there is only our music, but honestly I would prefer seeing their music is not true and many times with the way they do.
Casa Pound right now is a movement that goes far in Italy, has branches everywhere, their policy is a policy that does very well in any environment and I have to admit that if it were not for them that have led innovation in the extreme right Italian operations of many has not yet spoken. It 's a good move in my opinion and I hope is not lost on the way.
Italian politics?? when it comes to parliamentary politics I can only say that no one does good, and no one deserves respect, if we talk about extra-parliamentary movements, I tell you that those who do good environment for me deserves respect.

10. Could you describe the current scene in Calabria and in South Italy? Can you advise any good new bands? With what band(s) do you keep the biggest friendship? Please introduce also the next southitalian band Testvdo. What are their songs about? Have they released anything?
In Calabria and in southern Italy, the political reality is very strong, large and united with each other, there are several movements, there is a Catanzaro popular alternative that is my movement, Casa Puond Lamezia Terme, Catania Cervantes, Salerno Salerno Futurist , and so on, all extra-parliamentary movements that work together when you need them.
In the south, the band is scarce, we're all 4-5 bands, each new generation.
Since we are a few bands in the south try whenever there is a concert in the south of Chiamrci to play, then this will keep the relationship and the friendship grows between groups.
The best known are we (Sangvinis Effvsione) and Testvdo, a band of good workmanship, also with a CD to an active and pending, many concerts and musically talented, their music unlike our band and like the Hobbit.

11. Please tell any informations about these bands (short history, your favorite songs, the themes of lyrics, if you like their music, etc.): Timebombs, Killer Sorpresa, Audacia, Strappo, Nativi, Malnatt and Ultima Frontiera:
They are all Italian bands, who were born later, except Ultima Frontiera and Malnatt, which are the bands of our historical landscape.
Good or bad, we played with all at least once.
The lyrics are saying the usual themes, their city, football, life of skinheads, but musically and naturally qualitatively is someone over someone else, maybe because it sounds more because you were born before.
Regarding Ultima Frontiera and Malnatt nothing to say, both bands are excellent musically and textually, otherwise if they would not continue to produce CDs and playing gigs in 2011.

12. What is your opinion about non-political Oi! and Streetpunk bands? How do you look at these bands? Do you like any bands from this category or you don't care about them? Do you have a favorite songs from early Klasse Kriminale or Nabat?

I honestly do not watch a lot of the other bands that are not bands of our environment and on the non-political bands. Their music can exist but the texts for me no. Perhaps in the early years the first bands were apolitical, but why not to talk much about politics. But band of today, whether to want or not, expresses his thoughts and can not be judged without thinking political ideas.
As for punk music, finally Oi! comes from punk musically.
Nabat and Klasse Kriminale?? Early in their careers could be apolitical, but now I cannot consider them apolitical.

13. Calabria is well-known due to octopus of Mafia. How do you look at this organization? Has they still large activity there or are scattered? Are there still some visible traces of their activities? 
Each country, city or country and that is all over the world has its mafia, the Calabrian mafia is known for sure, for his criminal activities, but in my opinion, Italy is Mafia, as the former collude are the people who govern it.
Today there are several organizations trying to combat the Mafia and put him to death, but the Mafia is to kill cancer and this cancer must be fought from the inside ... so we must fight with structures of our state, because they are the real mafia.

14. What are your hobbies beside the band? Do you have any favourite clubs or pubs where you meet? Do you like sports, especially football? Do you support any club? What is your opinion about hooligans and the violence on stadiums?
I do not know if you can define hobby, the band stage and politics, I see them more as a lifestyle.
In addition to playing and I'm active in politics at the stadium, my club is Catanzaro, beyond this I have no other clubs, played in the fourth series. I am one of the of the leaders of the group Ultras Catanzaro 1973, better known in Italy as UC'73, I am part of it for 15 years. Pub?? Sure we have pubs where people meet, there are all together and drinking beer in joy.
Hooligans and violence in the stadiums: There is a fact that in Italy you are trying to wrestle with harsh laws that also involve the prohibition of following your club, pieces of fan, nominally tickets, etc etc ... all anti-constitutional laws also. I have the opinion if a fight is fair, without using knives to kill, there may be, eventually it looks like a fight that could happen in any other party, disco, pub, street, etc. ... But I think I'm the person least suited to talk about hooliganism, because I have two DASPO, that is going to ban all sporting events, for a total of 5 years, one has already been served and I'm serving now .. . ahahahahahah
On hooliganism just say .... Freedom For Ultras!!

15. Italy (and the Roman Empire of course) gave the world many great artists, philosophers, generals and other great people. Which people from history do you admire most? Who is most responsible for the glory and the progress of Italy in your opinion? In which historical period would you want to live if you would have had a time machine and the possibility to choose?

The Roman Empire certainly has made Italy big and famous in the world. In the time series have continued to contribute many poets, philosophers and artists.
There are many, each with its own history.
Certainly known are Julius Caesar or Octavian Augustus who will be remembered by all, they ruled for more than 40 years the Roman Empire and made many reforms which brought a good change.
If we had a time machine and certainly would go far back in time, surely we would go in the 70's years when the policy in Italy was very active and certainly felt dangerous, as all deaths that have been, but certainly the longer time beautiful of Italian politics.

16. What is your favorite drink and food? Do you have any local speciality on South Italy (especially from sea) which you can advise? Do you like beer or prefer to be Xstraight edgeX? :--) Do you know any czech beer?
Beer is definitely our favorite drink, in second place followed by wine, according to what we are on the table to eat .... ahahahahah
The dish is typical of Catanzaro "morzello", it is a mixture of pork, hard to describe but very good to taste, if you are on holiday in Catanzaro I recommend it ....
Honestly, I personally never had the opportunity to try a czech beer ... I hope to do as soon as possible.

17. What do you know about the Czech republic? Do you have any friends from here? Do you know any czech bands or zines?
On the historical level I know its entry into EU in 2004 and that Czech republic became independent in 1993, splitting from Slovakia, the capital is Prague, a beautiful city ... definitely worth visiting.
Regarding knowledge, as well as you do not know anyone in the zine, we hope that after this interview, your crew will know something more about Sangvinis Effvsione and we will come one day to play in your land, when we can say we know someone too.

18. Plans for future. When can we expect your new album?
I hope our future will go increasingly upwards, making us well known nationally or abroad, going to play in other European countries.
Our next album?? We are already working on it and if everything goes according to plan, on the end of summer should come out.

19. Any last comments? Would you like to greet anyone?
I close the interview by thanking you because you have given us the opportunity to be known in your land, I hope we can reciprocate one day playing with you, so you know us in person.
A rigorous greeting goes to all the children of my movement popular alternative, which we follow and support us lest we break and all those who until now have allowed us to get our music around Italy.
The last greeting goes to you that you have done the interview and to whole Czech crew to never give up and will grow more and more !!!

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